What makes this spray paint special?

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• Quality Assurance

Paints and Special Coatings


• Custom-Made Spray Paint
• DIY (Do It Yourself) Spray Paint
• Plastic/Vinyl Paint
• Honda XRM OEM Colors
• Heat Resistant Paint
• Insulating Varnish Sealer

Special Effect Paints

• Chrome Effect Paint
• 24K Gold Effect Paint
• Do It Color Illusion


• Plastic Primer
• Epoxy Primer
• Etch Primer
• Primer Surfacer


• 1k Clear Coat
• Transparent Candy Color Topcoat,

Other Paint Materials

• Universal Thinner
• Thermo Plastic Acrylic Binder

Maintance Aerosols

  • Shield All Protectant
  • Penetrating Oil Max
  • Silicone Oil
  • Wax-Grease-Silicone Remover
  • Sprocket Chain Lube
  • Contact Cleaner

Paasche Airbrushes

Paasche provides the largest selection of airbrush models, industrial sprayers and support equipment worldwide. Using only the highest quality materials in combination with the tightest quality control, Paasche products are unequalled by any other airbrush manufacturer in the world. Each  unit is carefully assembled, individually inspected and finally tested in actual use by highly skilled craftsmen, in the USA, to meet Paashce’s high standard of excellent performance.

2.5.1. Single-Action Airbrushes

2.5.2. Double Action Airbrushes

Paasche Industrial Paint Spray Equipments

Preval Portable Spray Gun

Preval is a professional grade spray gun where no compressor is needed. Some people refer to it as the “baby sprayer” because it looks a little like an original baby bottle when they were made with glass. Preval is cordless and recyclable.

Preval is professional, affordable, precise, compact, and easy to use no matter what type of job you have. Spray with Professional Results.  Eco-Friendly with No CFC’s. The Preval Spray Gun is disposable and F.A.S.T (Fill, Attach, and Spray….Today!)