Bringing Technology in Aerosol

Do It Marketing Co. Philippines Inc. is a quality driven, innovative leader in the custom-made aerosol industry. Our company is the leading manufacturer and supplier of custom-made touch-up aerosol paints, widely used in various industries such as coil coating, aluminum, furniture, motorcycle and automotive sectors.

We are also engaged in the manufacturing of high quality paints and other aerosol products, and continuously strive to bring new and innovative products in the industry. We also specialize in creating unique, and top-of-the-line special effect paints.

The company is focused towards a common goal of continuous improvement, quality, innovation,
responsiveness and environmental awareness.

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During Stage 2 – ISO 9001:2015 Certification Audit

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Do It Marketing gets exclusive distribution of Roberlo SA

ROBERLO SA, a European company specializing in the development and manufacture of high quality body fillers, putties, paints, repair solutions and fixing products in the automotive, industrial, construction, marine and DIY sectors, represented by Llorenc Juher Adroer, Asia Pacific director; and Do it Marketing Co., Philippines Inc., manufacturer of custom-made aerosol touch-up paints, and a manufacturer and supplier of quality automotive and industrial paints and coatings, represented by Laverenti R. Gil, president and general manager, signed a business partnership agreement last May 15 at the head office of Do it Marketing in Cebu City.
With the partnership, Do It Marketing becomes the exclusive distributor of Roberlo SA’s wide range of product lines for the Philippines. The signing of this agreement signifies Roberlo S.A’s economic confidence in the Philippines. With Do It Marketing’s extensive reach of industrial customers and over 1,500 dealers nationwide, Roberlo SA will soon be a big player of body fillers, putties and the complete line of industrial and automotive paints in the country.

In the coming months, Do it Marketing plans to put main efforts on the distribution and sales of Roberlo’s high quality and new generation body fillers and putties, as well as its complete line of industrial and automotive paints and coatings in the country. Roberlo SA is Europe’s leading manufacturer of high quality, new generation body fillers and putties among which are Plus12 and Silverlight body fillers, A80, a 2K sprayable putty, and Duo All DIY Repair 2K Putty, and many others.

To jumpstart Roberlo’s entrance into the market, Do it Marketing, in cooperation with Roberlo SA, will hold a whole day seminar and workshop in Cebu City on “Advanced Automotive Body Filler & Putty Application” on June 7 at the Ramon Aboitiz Foundation (RAFI) Plenary Hall, located at Lopez Jaena St., Cebu City. The seminar and workshop aims to teach painters and applicators on the proper techniques on body filler and putty application, as well as surface preparation. The seminar and workshop will be conducted by Roberlo SA’s training expert from Europe. Inquiries can be made at 0922-8537505 and 0922-8456141 or 262-5652; 262-8073 and 261-3743 during office hours. (PR) SEE RELATED STORY.

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