Mr. Do It Color Lab

Your color-matching and paint mixing one-stop service shop!

Just bring a swatch of any material – metal, cloth, paper, leather, chip of paint – and we’ll match the color of your choice using our advance color matching technology. We will even store the data and have it available anytime and every time you need it.

Once you’ve made your choice, our paint experts will mix the combinations for you accurately to get that perfect match! We can supply you paint materials in Liters, Galon, and in Aerosol Spray Can.

Touch Up Paints

Touch-up paints is our expertise. We’ve proved time and again our ability to take the paint that you use and put it into our aerosol cans, or match a new paint to your existing color and do likewise. We can supply you with touch up paints from as many as 500 cans to as few as 12 cans of one color!