Airbrush & Custom Painting

At DO IT MARKETING, we take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized to meet specific interests.  We provide accurate quotes and estimate a legitimate turn around time for each job prior to booking.


Custom Painting Service

Our custom painting service includes everything from basic to the more complicated paint jobs. We accept paint jobs for motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, boards, furniture, car accessories, and more! Whether it be a solid color, metallic color, multi-color, illusion, or chrome painting… we do it all. Every project receives the utmost care and attention. And because we manufacture all the paint that we use for our painting jobs, you are guaranteed consistent quality and color always.

Airbrush Works

We provide custom airbrush services for almost any kind of design you are looking for. If you have something in mind, just show us a photo and we can paint it for you. We do portraits of people, animals, fantasy characters/creature, objects, or just effects such as fire, waterdroplets, riveted metal, granite, just to name a few.
We do cars, bikes, motorcycles, helmets, walls and if you want to do your paintjob on something else such as a laptop or a cellphone, do check with us.
If you have no design in mind, we can help you conceptualize the perfect artwork for your item.