Universal Aerosol Hand Grip

Don’t struggle pressing aerosol can sprays – this handy gun fits on most aerosol cans and converts it into a spray gun. Eliminates finger and hand fatigue, allows steady control giving even coats and keeps hands clean. Easy to clean and fit.















Aerosol Filling Machine

This machine is “Strictly for Rental Only”

Included in the machine for rental:

  • 2 pieces Heavy Duty Teflon Plunger
  • 2 pieces Aluminum Filling Canister
  • 3 meters High Pressure Hose 
  • 1 set Operating Manual


Do it Pneumatic Aerosol Filling Machine works in conjunction with convenient and universal filling RT female and male valves. The filling machine is a pneumatic device constructed to fill pre-charge aerosol can of a standard size with any kind of solvent, water borne type paint and oil. The machine has two (2) positions. “Up and Down.” If the door of the filling machine is closed, the Teflon plunger will be in the down position. When the door is opened the Teflon plunger will go up. The filling cylinder with pre-gassed aerosol canister can then be placed underneath the Teflon plunger. When the door is closed, The Teflon plunger will go down into the filling cylinder and press the product  inside the pre-gassed aerosol can.

Do it Pneumatic Aerosol Filling Machine features an innovative built-in centering mechanism to position and secure aerosol cans during operation. A special platform is also included to elevate 50ml, 250ml, 300ml, 400ml and 500ml aerosol cans to the proper height for filling.


Aerosol Filling Machine